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Another Dancing DE: Andrew Duthie

Drew Robbins was the first Dancing DEAndrew Duthie has raised the bar with his rendition of Love Shack! I wish that I could have gotten the whole thing on video but I did the best that I could here. This was at the MVP Summit 2005. There was a party at the Science Fiction Museum with a kareoke bar upstairs.

Two extra fun bits:
1) That’s his boss, Kim, with him. She’s the manager for all of the DE’s in the Eastern District of the US.
2) He’s pretty good – in fact, he used to have a band before Microsoft took all of his spare time. Oh yeah and he had children so he didn’t have time anyway…

Update: I’ve been corrected – he’s damn good!

The Origional Dancing DE firesback: Drew Robbins in encore

Since Andrew Duthie fired off his rendition of “Love Shack”, Drew Robbins had to come back with his Karaoke rendition of this MC Hammer Song.

MC Hammer he’s not but I gotta say that he’s learned a step or two since TechEd (The origional Dancing DE). Maybe I should start trying those dancing machines…

I’m not sure who that is singing in the background but they are not bad – not up to Duthie standards (remember that he’s damn good) – but trust me there were worse performances at the Karaoke bar at the MVP party at the Science Fiction Museum.

The Dancing DEs

Picture of the Dancing DEs: Andrew Duthie on the Left and Drew Robbins on the right.

So far the count is:

1 to Andrew Duthie for the singing
0.5 to Drew for attempting to Dance
1 to Drew for dancing the second time

Gotta Vote for who’s the best – use the comments to vote for your favorite!

So it’s Drew up by half a point. Any other contestants out there? Gotta great Dancing DE moment on video that you’d love to share with the world? Let me know and I’ll make sure that it’s posted!

Drew Robbins: The Dancing DE

Update: I’ve cleaned up the video – see the new link below…

I did a lot of fun things last week at TechEd. One of those was a Central Region Influentials party at the NASCAR Cafe. You learn a lot of fun things about people at these parties like the fact that Drew Robbins (the Developer Evangelist from the Great Lakes Area) is quite the dancer!

btw: that’s Jeff Julian there next to him.

There’s even video. I especially like the name on the jersey so there’s no talking his way out of this one…