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Scott Hanselman, blogging and podcasting

I’m feeling inadequate It’s kind of amazing, this is a hot blogging day for me and Scott Hanselman still has me outpaced even though he’s in Tanzania at the moment.

What’s even more amazing is that all of his posts are interesting and informative.

Not to sound too much like a fan boy (borrowing a line from Scott himself) but several times this week I’ve been asked questions and the answer has been listen to X Hanselminutes on topics from Reflection to contact management in A Better Outlook. I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately and I’ve caught up on a lot of the Hanselminutes that I haven’t had time to listen to before.

Side Note————————-

I got a Kensington FM transmitter for my IPod (bought before the Zune came out…) and listen to a ton of podcasts while driving. (I’ll post about those soon and add them to my blogroll.)


It’s been cool getting to “know” Scott through the podcasts. If you don’t listen to it, you should. I’ve learned about a lot of little things that I have not had time to explore and gotten better explanations to a lot of things that I already knew.

Some examples:
I have not had time to investigate PowerShell

Windows PowerShell (MONAD) Part II
Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect
Microsoft Command Shell (MONAD)

This is one of the best and most concise explanations of how Scrum works

The Line of Scrummage

I have changed how I do email because of this one

A Better Outlook

I was actually mentioned in this one about one of my little pet topics Code Generation

Code Generation

What was fun about this was how surprised he sounded when he said my name.

I also like the non-programming topics, such as HDTV, Diabetes Technology and the Hanselminutiae topics.  

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Blog Post Headlines and Pictures

Patrick Steele ( and Scoble have been talking about using descriptive titles on your blog posts to make it easier to scan and triage what posts you read. That’s actually a great point. I know that I scan 150+ blogs and Patrick is in the same ballpark. That’s an average of 80-120 posts a day and some days are more intense than that. The good news is that NewsGator (, SharpReader ( and RSS Bandit ( all make scanning new posts.


Patrick went on to post about the number of pictures that are on blogs and how frustrating that is when you are offline. One the one hand, I agree with that. It’s really frustrating that when you are offline and the major portion of a given blog with an interesting headline is a picture. On the other hand, I really like the pictures that are on some of the blogs that I read. Some examples of this are:


I’m not saying that the pictures make the post but it does help the item. Some other blogs just add pictures for the fun of it and they don’t really add anything to the post.

There are few things that I’d like to suggest about pictures.

First, be judicial in your use of pictures. That is, make sure that they add something to the post.

Second, in the short term, make sure that you provide alternative text for all of the pictures on your blog.

Third, I’d love it if one on the readers (or all of them for that matter) would have an option to download pictures and the like with the posts.