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Architect Evangelist Position in Dublin

There’s a Architect Evangelist position open on the DPE team here in Ireland for someone with the right mix of passion, technical and commercial experience.

Wilbour CraddockWilbour Craddock is returning to the icy tundra that forged and hardened him in Regina, Saskatchewan (yeah, I had to look it up too). Wilbour has really set the bar for this role and has left a very big hole to fill.

Despite rumor’s to the contrary, you don’t have to be a bald ex-DJ with a North American accent to be on the team these days.

Here’s the high level job description from the Career’s site:

The Architect Evangelist role is a senior role within the Microsoft Ireland Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) Group. The Architect Evangelist’s role is to help mould and implement the DPE Group’s strategy to ensure Ireland is a world showcase for next generation app and service development on Microsoft technologies. To be successful in this role the right individual must have an insatiable appetite for staying ahead of the curve both technically and commercially, in order to ensure our partners and customers are successful in an era of unprecedented rapid change. You must be able to build open trusted-advisor relationships between team members and with the technical decision makers inside our customer and partner accounts. In addition, you will be expected to lead initiatives for the cloud and developer tools business within the Irish market. This role requires a high performance individual who can demonstrate all of the above as well as a blend of passion, agility, persistence, curiosity and creativity.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the full description here:


Also, I’d be happy to field questions at [my first name].[my last name]@microsoft.com. And let me know if you apply and I’ll put in a good word for you with the boss… 🙂

Webinar on Oct 20, 2010 with Microsoft/Zend

imageI’m looking forward to starting this new webinar series that I’m launching in partnership with Zend about running PHP in general and Zend in particular on Microsoft Azure.

My goal, as I’m writing the demos today after posting this, is to go through the Zend Guestbook quick start and then port that to run in Azure and leverage that platform. I’ll be posting the full technical write-up here once I get done.

From the Zend web site:

Join a webinar on Cloud Computing with Zend Framework and Windows Azure. In this session, we’ll take a technical overview of Windows Azure Data Storage which can be used both inside and outside of your cloud application and the Windows Azure computing which can be leveraged to scale your application horizontally. We’ll write a small application with the Zend Framework and get it up and running in Azure so that we can dive deep into the individual parts in future webinars.
Join this webinar to learn how to take your application to the next level.


It’s important to note that this is the first of a series so we’re going to do an overview across the board this time and then we’ll dive deep into things such as the data access layers or architecting for scaling horizontally across multiple instances in the future.

Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions – new features for VS 2010

PreEmptive SolutionsI’ve been a long time supporter of PreEmptive Solutions. They’ve done a great job of supporting .NET. As a Cleveland based company, they are in my territory as an evangelist.

Microsoft just released a huge press release on the new things that PreEmptive is doing – specifically, they are expanding well beyond obfuscation to anti-tampering, run time intelligence, licensing support for ISVs and much much more.

PreEmptive is no longer just an obfuscation company.

Read the official press release below…  

Microsoft and PreEmptive Solutions to Provide Application Feature Monitoring, Usage Expiry and Tamper Defense in Visual Studio 2010

Post-build utility utilizes software plus services and instrumentation to improve application security, portfolio management and usability.

LOS ANGELES — Oct. 27, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. and PreEmptive Solutions announced today at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 that an enhanced version of Dotfuscator Community Edition™ (CE) will be included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Dotfuscator CE, which has been included with every version of Visual Studio starting with Visual Studio 2003, prevents the reverse engineering of .NET applications. The Visual Studio 2010 version, renamed Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition™, has been extended with instrumentation capabilities including tamper detection and defense, feature level application monitoring and automatic time limits on .NET application use.

“Instrumentation is an important component of good software development practices as part of an overall application lifecycle management (ALM) approach. Microsoft knows that extending the ability to modify an application’s behavior to the time after compile is a valuable part of good ALM practices,” said Norman Guadagno, the director of product management for Visual Studio Team System at Microsoft Corp. “.NET developers can now protect, manage and increase the value of their application development investments easily and without having to write additional code.”

Development teams will be able to track feature usage to improve adoption and quality, ISVs will be able to integrate evaluation software usage into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase win rates, and enterprises will be able to integrate application runtime data into Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions to improve business agility.

Dotfuscator Software Services CE also has enhanced capabilities to stream alerts and runtime data to one or more cloud-based services.

“Dotfuscator’s ability to integrate application behavior with one or more cloud services not only improves application quality and value, it actually creates new business opportunities for software service providers and developers alike,” said Gabriel Torok, president of PreEmptive Solutions.

Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition is scheduled to ship with all versions of Visual Studio 2010 (other than Visual Studio Express) at no additional charge.

About PreEmptive Solutions

PreEmptive Solutions produces the Dotfuscator and DashO instrumentation and obfuscation product families and the Runtime Intelligence application analytics service. With more than 3,000 corporate clients, 40,000 registered installations in 100+ countries and inclusion with Microsoft’s 6,000,000+ Visual Studio seats, PreEmptive Solutions has become the clear choice for every organization that is serious about source code protection, application security and IT governance. To learn more, e-mail solutions@preemptive.com or call +1 216 732 5895.

About Microsoft

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