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The Perf Doctor Is In

I had the pleasure of speaking at BrazilJS 2013. My talk was about performance. While I was using Windows, IE11 and tools on Windows, the perf advice and the way that you need to thing about performance is completely agnostic. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and all of the browsers adhere to the same spec as we do and so are dictated to many things very similarly.

This is the third blog post in the series about BrazilJS. The first was about the the experience in Brazil called Obrigado BrazilJS. The second was A little about BrazilJS. And this one is about the talk itself. Continue reading

Making PHP faster on IIS

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work with PHP on the Microsoft stack recently. That includes my work with PHP on Azure and moving my blog to WordPress. I’ll be honest though and say that I’m simply standing on the shoulders of giants. The PHP on IIS team, including Ruslan Yakushev, the Web Application Gallery team, including Faith Allington, Crystal Hoyer and Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec (all three of whom I wish would start blogging), the Microsoft Web marketing team (who happen to be extremely technical and are a credit to marketers everywhere), including Mark Brown, the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center (OSTC).

An example of this is that when I spoke at WordCamp Ireland, I talked about the amazing improvements in FastCGI over the past few years, the Web Application Gallery and Web Platform Installer (WebPI), URL Redirect, WinCache and many other things that Microsoft is doing to embrace open source technologies. My slides are below:

Now you can hear about these improvements from Ruslan Yakushev and Mark Brown themselves talking about these improvements, specifically the ones related to performance, with the good folks over at PHP Architect on a webcast…

For all the details, check out the web cast at Making PHP faster on IIS!